How to take great photos of your dog

July 17, 2017

 One of the many benefits of my job as a Pet Sitter, is that I get to spend time with and photograph many different dogs, from a pocket size chihuahua to a giant Saint Bernard. Dog photography is an art and although I've mastered some techniques, there's still a lot to learn. In today's social media world, it's an important part of my job and a great marketing tool and who doesn't like to see cute pics of dogs and other pets?! Take a look at my tips on what I've learnt so far;


1. Equipment is important but..

 It goes without saying that using a professional camera such as DSLR would give you the best chance of getting that Instagram worthy shot, however personally I can't imagine carrying a bulky camera when walking a group of dogs. Also, most of my pics are taken spontaneously by grabbing a mobile phone, and quickly ! At the moment, I use my Iphone 6 but any phone with a decent camera would do..


2. Get your dog's attention

 This is easier said than done, especially if you're trying to photograph a couple of dogs at the same time. There's always one who won't look at the camera..The best way to grab your dog's attention is to use his favourite treat and get them tired first as tired dogs = happy dogs and happy, smiley dogs look great in photos, result ! Get down to your dog's level and take shots from different angles. Don't forget to reward your pup for being a great model.


3. Use editing apps

 If like me, you don't want to carry a pro camera around, make the best use of different filters and editing apps available. Very often, there's not sufficient natural lighting to take a beautiful raw photo but luckily Instagram has a great selection of filters and I often use VSCO and Snapseed apps, free to download. I'll use an example of lovely Jake, the Golden Retriever holidaying with us this week, looking magnificent in both however the left photo has been edited using one of the VSCO filters. Can you see the difference? 


 The main thing is that you and your pooch are having fun and if you happen to take a great photo in the process, well, that's great! Otherwise keep having fun and keep trying! Sometimes it takes multiple attempts to get that one decent photo, the more you take, the better..


 Thank you for reading my first blog post, hope you guys find it useful and please come back for more cute pics & tips.





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